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Detail Acer Iconia W510

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  • Acer ICONIA W510: Capable Tablet Extras

    Along with the presence of Windows 8, Acer immediately offer unique products that can deliver the new OS. Acer ICONIA W510, Windows 8 tablet is the solution offered by the extra capacity and an exclusive look.

    Tablet with Windows 8

    As the name implies, Iconia W510 is a tablet. Of course, not that the Acer name could not bring extra uniqueness. Tablet with Windows 8 OS can offer the functionality of a real laptop, just by adding a keyboard docking accessories.

    Because it uses the Windows OS 8 and display new User Interface or UI (formerly was known as the "Metro"), the Iconia W510 is really working like a tablet. However, users can still access the UI also "classic" that resembles the look of Windows 7. In addition, because it uses Windows 8 for PC, Iconia W510 can use software commonly used in Windows 7. Thus, when combined with the docking keyboard, this tablet will be transformed into a common laptop PC you know.

    Three forms (form factor) unique

    By definition, the tablet is inserted into the convertible category, the computer that can be used with at least 2 form factor, tablets and laptops. For Iconia W510, others call it a hybrid convertible or detachable. This is because the tablet can really be a tablet (without the keyboard attached) and still function as a laptop when the keyboard is attached.

    There are at least three (3) use format that can be used to package ICONIA W510 tested this time:

        Tablet mode: Without using docking, you can use it as like a tablet. Screen size 10.1 "Iconia W510 which makes use not too big and appear similar to the most common size of the tablet market. This makes it easy to operate.
        Presentation mode: When using the keyboard docking, you can push the screen flips up his position 295 degrees and put it on the table with the keys facing the desk. This position is ideal when you want to browse to linger at the table cafĂ© subscription.
        Productivity modes: normal position while using the keyboard docking makes ICONIA W510 dressed as befits a laptop. You can type a long article with the keys of his were quite large and comfortable. For those of you who are familiar with the use of a physical keyboard, the keys of this will be fun.

    Exclusive Design

    Dominated by silver and white colors, Iconia W510 is exclusive and beautiful look. Bezel that surrounds the screen still use black. Dark colors will help you enjoy the beauty of the view (especially when watching videos) and more perfect. Meanwhile, the use of white textured hinge design makes it look more beautiful. In the important parts of the keyboard dock you'll find rubber pads gray which besides performing in line with the theme of color, is also a blend of tablet and keyboard guard is from friction and impact.

    Driven by the new processor

    In order to run the OS Windows 8 for PC, Iconia W510 uses the latest Intel processors, the Atom Z2760. Processor 1.5 GHz dual core (4 thread) has the advantage over the previous Atom. In addition to better performance, this processor seems designed specifically for use on tablets. Low power consumption is the key. This processor has a very low power consumption in order to use a tablet that can work up to a range of 10 hours.

    In addition to the above processor, Iconia W510 has a 2 GB RAM. RAM capacity is suitable for use on a Windows 8 tablet. Meanwhile, for storage, insert Acer 64GB of internal storage on the unit we tested this time.

    Connectivity and expansion: Typical tablet PC flexibility

    Iconia W510 which has tested wireless connectivity such as WiFi and Bluetooth of course. Meanwhile, on the right side of the tablet you can find a micro HDMI port, MicroSD slot, and a micro USB slot. On the up side, there is a jack for stereo headset, power button, and a screen orientation lock switch.

    MicroSD slot is available, can be used to add data storage capacity on this tablet. Meanwhile, the micro USB is available, as well as features like a USB port on your laptop or desktop PC. USB port can not be used as a means of charging. However, with an adapter (micro USB to USB) connectivity you can use it for USB devices such as mouse, keyboard, modem, and even an external hard drive. In addition, you can also use it to charge other devices such as smartphones.

    WiFi connectivity on the Iconia W510 has the same features on a laptop with WiFi connectivity. In addition to be able to connect to the Access Point, you can also use Bluetooth Adhoc. With free software like Connectify, you could even make this tablet a WiFi accesss point and share it to other devices (such as smartphones of any type) with ease.

    Screen: Prime quality

    Given Iconia W510 is basically a tablet, the screen becomes a very important component. 10.1-inch screen on this tablet uses IPS technology which makes it have a very wide viewing angle. You will not find a significant difference when viewing the screen from the various points of view. You can even watch videos on the Iconia W510 with a slope angle of more than 45 degrees and still feel comfortable.

    Screen In-Plane Switching (IPS) Program is able to display brilliant color. Not only that, this screen has a high resolution for its physical size. The 10.1-inch 1366 × 768 pixel resolution. A measure of resolution that is usually found only on the 13.3-inch notebook screen up to 15.6 inches. Of course as a quality tablet, Iconia W510 uses a capacitive touch screen (5 points).

    Camera: More than 8 Megapixel Photos and Video 1080p

    Camera functions on the tablet has its own advantages. With 8 Megapixel main camera (autofocus) and a second camera (facing the user) 2.1 Megapixel, Iconia W510 offers a fusion of camera with high specifications for a tablet. Both cameras can record video up to a resolution FullHD (1080p).

    Video conferencing can be done easily using the Skype software or video chat / conference room. You simply plug in a headset, and video conferencing can be done with extra privacy.

    Available for microphone socket (affiliated with headset) ICONIA W510 makes a device that has the potential to be the mainstay of the video bloggers. You can record video while thrusting the mic to the speaker. A feature that is rarely found on a tablet, right?

    Keyboard: Includes battery and additional connectors

    On the left side of the keyboard dock, you will only see a connector for charging the battery. If you are charging the batteries installed tablet, the tablet and the keyboard will be filled simultaneously.

    On the right side, you can find a USB 2.0 connector. This connector which can be used as a USB connector on an ordinary laptop (eg, modem, mouse). You can even do charging gadgets (eg mobile phones) with a USB port.

    Keys on the keyboard has a white color. Size of the keys is good enough for comfortable typing. Meanwhile, a standard-sized touchpad can be found on the side nearest the user.

    In conjunction with tablets, a large and sturdy hinge available on this keyboard. To pair the tablet, you simply slip it into the opening on hinges to lock closed. To open it, you simply shift a safety lock available.

    With the extra battery in the keyboard, in addition to tablets gain extra power supply, balance between the weight of the tablet and the keyboard feels more comfortable. As noted, the use of this tablet with a keyboard dock, battery power will be consumed on the keyboard first. The setting is smart, is not it?

    The use in everyday life

    Many have questioned, "Is it a tablet with an Atom processor can run Windows 8 smoothly? '. The answer is: YES. User Interface Windows 8 can run very smoothly. When tried, you probably will not realize that the tablet uses a processor that is optimized for power savings. The key is optimization. Acer managed to perform the optimization of Windows 8.

    Using Iconia W510 will provide a tickling sensation. Using Windows 8 allows you to wear it as like a tablet. Availability of Windows Store which provides a variety of applications (and counting) has increasingly felt as a tablet. Directly respond to the power button and instantly turn this tablet, is one of the features that make it increasingly appropriate to use as a tablet. In fact, the time required to perform the restart process was considered very fast, even when compared to ordinary tablet.

    When the keyboard is plugged in and use it as like a laptop, the Iconia W510 is able to offer all the advantages of a laptop. Compatibility with common PC software makes it really can be used as a laptop. For example, you do not need to perform data conversion when trying to use the writings or presentations made at the Iconia W510. All USB peripherals can be working properly on a laptop.

    Test Battery: Class Dedicated

    For battery life, Iconia W510 promises a full 18 hours of work (with the docking keyboard support). Meanwhile, in a state of rest, the tablet is able to maintain network connectivity up to 3 weeks. However, let's see what you can get in everyday use.

    We use testing with video playback format. WMV HD 720p resolution (1280 × 720) were downloaded from the official Microsoft website. The video is played with Media Player is available by default.

    Testing without the docking keyboard gives fantastic results. Iconia W510 without a dock capable of playing videos nonstop until about 10 hours! Meanwhile, with the help of a keyboard dock that contains an additional battery, Iconia W510 can play video up to 16 hours!

    For light use such as typing, editing tables and presentation design standards, with support for keyboard docking Iconia W510 able to achieve a range of 18 hours. Of course, long battery life will depend on your work patterns and applications used. However, referring to the results of this test, the Iconia W510 actually has its own class in the affairs of battery life.

    Multimedia Testing

    The first thing you pull out of the playback of video and / or multimedia files are available 2 pieces speakers on the right and left of this tablet. Yes, the Iconia W510 is equipped with stereo speakers. So, you'll be able to feel the sensation of a stereo that plays multimedia files.

    Full HD video playback (1080p) can be easily and smoothly done ICONIA W510. In fact, we can play Full HD video directly from the external hard drive through USB connectivity. Tests performed directly on the micro USB tablet (with adapter) and via USB port on the keyboard.

    Streaming video via Youtube site can run smoothly. We even tried some video with 1080p resolution and did not find any significant problems. Of course, for this top-quality video streaming needs an Internet connection is excellent too.

    Testing games and apps

    Testing of the tablet is also a typical game we did and all went well. No problem when playing addictive games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope that can be obtained from the Windows Store. Some casual mainstream gaming or even older games designed for previous Windows can still be run by the Iconia W510 is (eg Starcraft). However, for convenience play a perfect game, use gaming applications available on the Windows Store.

    You want to use software like Microsoft Office? There is no problem with using the Iconia W510. The most common software used on almost every laptop and desktop can work smoothly without any compatibility issues on this tablet.


    Acer ICONIA W510 is a tablet that can meet a variety of needs. Want to use it as a tablet for casual browsing and gaming needs are addictive? Can. Want to use it as a tool to complete office work such as reports, presentations, and tables of financial calculations? Can. Want to make it play various multimedia tools for video quality? Also could. You can treat it as befits a modern tablet as well as a laptop (with keyboard dock). Seeing these advantages and performance test results, there is one thing that is clear, Iconia W510 is not a netbook but a multifunctional tablet.

    By utilizing Windows 8 as the OS, Acer Iconia W510 can deliver a variety of features that previously could not be obtained from a first computing device (usually have a combination of notebook and tablet). Powered by the battery life is very good and brilliant display screen, your experience while using Windows 8 on Acer Iconia W510 becomes more enjoyable.

    Acer ICONIA W510 is perfect for:

        Journalists and bloggers who need a combination of tablet and keyboard perfect will enjoy the convenience of the tablet form factor while browsing and keyboard when typing long articles.
        Travelers will love the Iconia W510 battery life that make it unnecessary to look for an electrical outlet while on a long trip.
        Professionals who want just one tiny device to replace the functionality notebooks / netbooks, and tablets for everyday computing needs.
        Sophisticated fashionista and still want to look fashionable, even when spending the computing devices.

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